Accelerate your digital transformation through a customer-centric lens
From whiteboard to roll-out, journey-driven transformation is an end-to-end approach from customer-centered digital strategy through platform design and engineering.

Journey-driven transformation delivers iterative value and embeds a customer focus into digital initiatives

Customer-Centered Digital Strategy

  • Segmentation
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Journey mapping
  • Design thinking 
  • Road mapping 
  • Service design

Experience Design

  • Experience design and innovation
  • Design concepting and ideation
  • New product design
  • Design systems
  • frameworks

Experience Engineering

  • Digital architectures Product, platform, and services
  • Development and modernization
  • Front-end web and mobile development
  • Underlying process, technology, data build and operations
  • Front-end web and mobile development
  • Conversational Al

Three Steps to Digital Excellence

Our benchmarking and assessment tools allow us to establish how your company compares to world-class performance. Next, we align your operations with your strategy to determine the process improvements and technology needed to take you to the next level. Then we turn that vision into a reality.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Measure current performance and track improvement.

Strategic Alignment

Align your digital operations with your vision for the future.

Transformation Plan

Chart a digital roadmap to get you where you want to go.

Business leaders should recognize four keycomponents of digital operations:

  • Architecting for resiliency—Providers must support wide-ranging demands for non-stop processes, services and systems.
  • Incorporating analytics and mobility to deliver real-time, digital insights —Predictive analytics technologies offer the promise of helping an operational team look “around the bend” to see what’s coming and respond.

  • Connecting the digital workforce —Automation removes the need for a lot of clerical-type work, enabling knowledge workers to make higher-level contributions and gain increased job satisfaction.
  • Enabling and participating in a digital innovation ecosystem—Outsourcing is by nature a collaborative endeavor. But the larger ecosystem of enterprises, research institutions and other entities needed to keep a competitive edge goes far beyond just the buyer and provider.

Five Digital Capabilities to Consider

To achieve world-class status, every business function inside a company should master five digital capabilities. By applying these capabilities to every part of your business, we help your company adopt a step-by-step approach to digital transformation. Our benchmarking and performance data can give you an edge. We know what works and can help you get there.

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Customer Engagement

 Create experiences across channels.

Workforce Enablement

Empower your workforce with the right digital tools.

Service Optimization

Improve service delivery with automation, digitization and more.

Digital Ecosystem

Leverage customer, employee. supplier and social networks.

Analytics-Driven Insight

Get insight from market, customer, operational and financial analytics.